9/11 Memorial Day Ride


There are certain days in our lives that we all remember too well. The assignation’s of JFK, MLK and Bobby. The passing of our loved ones. And on September 11, 2001 the terrorist attack upon the New York Twin Towers and our way of life. We vividly recall where we were, the weather, who we were with, the sounds and smells.

September of 2016 had arrived and plans were being made throughout the country to honor that day. I had read about two 9/11 memorials that had been installed in Miami-Dade County and decided to plan a ride to them with by cycling pals. They all approved and we agreed to meet at 7:45 am at Cocowalk in Coconut Grove.

I met the guys and we headed for the 9/11 Memorial located on Brickell. None of us had ever seen it before. Turns out it’s an actual I-Beam from the Twin Towers installed within a concrete display with an American Flag pained alongside of it. Local Firemen and their trucks where nearby preparing for their participation.

After paying our respects, taking some photos and thanking the fireman for their service, we proceeded to ride up Miami Ave. to N.E. 2 Ave. and head to Miami Shores for the second 9/11 Memorial. This one was also an I-Beam but it was filled with concreate and sealed with in impact resistant glass.

We then rode north on N.E. 2 Ave through Miami Shores, El Portal and Miami Gardens to 125th Street in North Miami for some lunch at Café Crème one of our favorite French Bakery and Bistro. The owner Cory greeted us like lost relatives and provided us with Café Au Lait and an assortments of tasty Croissant’s. We even shared a few yummy pastries.

After fueling up we reversed our course and rode south through the Design District.

Riding further south, we entered Wynwood which is internationally known for its amazing Street Art Murals.

We rode back through Downtown Miami and saw some plenty of cranes for all the of the new construction taking place there. And as if to end our 9/11 Memorial Ride on a high note, we came across the sight of an incredible Tall Ship that was docked at Museum Park and flying the Spanish Flag.

All in all we had a most memorable cycling experience with good friends. We took safe routs and avoided the heaviest traffic. There was no rain and very light breezes out of the east. The road conditions where good, all though we did encounter a few potholes. We made a point of recording the locations and shooting photos of the most dangerous potholes, so we could report them to the various municipalities Public Works Departments.


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